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High Quality G70 Chain Hook Clevis Grab Hook Steel Heavy Industry,general Industry 30-45 Days 0.44-2.1LBS 8820-40780LBS 500pcs

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Item no. SL100-8

Name: Clevis Grab Hook

Material: Steel

Weight: 0.44-2.1LBS

Breaking strength: 8820-40780 LBS

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The material of the U-clamp grappling hook is steel and the weight is
0.44 LBS - 2.1 LBS. Preferred material: full of materials, reinforcement and thickening, reliable use. The shape of the hook is U-shaped, which is not easy to unhook, and can ensure the work safety when hoisting heavy objects.


Process technology high temperature quenching treatment, integral casting molding, high strength and strong load bearing. Surface treatment, the whole surface is prayed with plastic, and the surface heat treatment technology greatly improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance and wear resistance. Used in heavy industry, general industry .



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