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How to choose the right lifting belt odm nylon hammock suppliers

Lifting belt is widely used in various fields, more and more rural families are also used in lifting belt, such as rural well drilling, lifting food, or building decoration lifting furniture, non-professional people in the purchase of lifting belt often do not know what kind of lifting belt to buy, the understanding of hoisting belt is relatively shallow, Ji Li Xiaobian here to explain how to choose the right hoisting belt.

When we choose to confirm the hoisting belt, we should choose the hoisting belt according to odm nylon hammock suppliers the size and shape of the item, weight and use mode, working environment and the nature of the item.

First, from the material, the hoisting belt material can be roughly divided into four kinds,odm nylon hammock suppliers including polypropylene material, polyester material, nylon material and anima material. Polypropylene and polyester materials commonly used on the market are more common ① polypropylene material is our common white lifting belt, this kind of lifting belt is cheap, the appearance is relatively thick, acid and alkali resistance is suitable for use in the intensive corrosion environment, the disadvantage is afraid of strong sunlight, exposure to ultraviolet light for a long time is easy to brittle, but the price advantage is often particularly attractive; ② The lifting belt made of polyester material has good wear resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, acid resistance but not alkali resistance, and moderate price. If it is not used in alkaline environment, it is highly recommended to choose the lifting belt of this material.odm nylon hammock suppliers


Two, in the selection of the correct hoisting belt, should also be according to the hoisting belt mode coefficient, in short, is the way of lifting, the same hoisting belt his hoisting way is different, the large safety load will be different, the large safety load is equal to the hoisting belt mode coefficient multiplied by the rated load, such as 1 ton of hoisting belt, straight lifting tension is 1, hitch tension is 0.8, So 1 ton flat lifting belt vertical lifting large safe load is 1 ton, knot lifting is 0.8 tons.

Three, the selected end accessories and lifting device should be matched with the hoisting belt incense. Consideration should also be given to whether the end of the lifting belt needs to be used with end fittings or soft ring holes.

Four, the choice of hoisting belt must have enough strength and length, the longer the hoisting belt hoisting Angle will be smaller. Vertical Angle of hoisting belt shall not be greater than 60 degrees. When using multiple straps to lift objects, each strap should be of exactly the same size.


Hoisting belt drawing

How to correctly choose the hoisting belt this problem directly affects the safety of life and property safety, is based on the actual situation of hoisting the best choice, especially in the field of shipbuilding in the selection of hoisting belts are cautious, due to the large workpiece tonnage, complex shape, expensive value, many people cooperate with other factors, further improve the difficulty and risk factor of operation, One bad choice could cost hundreds of millions. Safety is not just for yourself, I hope to help you! The next small series for you to explain the use of hoisting belt misunderstanding.

Post time: Jan-29-2023