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Lifting Sling Belt supplier selection of industrial silk should be the first choice

Lifting belt including polyester straps and polypropylene fiber lifting belt, both made of synthetic fiber industry filament industrial yarn production is complicated, when production equipment used by single spindles, automatic stop system, solved the twist of “lack of stocks” and “oil” phenomenon, fixed length, length of stop function measuring winding, Lifting Sling Belt supplier make long on unmanned automatic stop, To meet the requirements of the actual production standards of the wire factory, the winding capacity of the ingot bottle can reach 4-5 kg


which solves the phenomenon of frequent wire loading and greatly saves the labor cost, and the single cone forming method also prevents the phenomenon of single wire slipping.Lifting Sling Belt supplier

Good stability, color fastness, anti-aging characteristics make it more widely used. Analysis of the characteristics of lifting belt: lifting belt is increasingly used in contemporary, scientific and technological, Lifting Sling Belt supplierinternational lifting construction site. Products are widely used in steel mills, oil fields, ports, mechanical and electrical, transportation and other industries of lifting, Jili lifting belt features: 1. Light weight, flexible, easy to bend, the use of lunch. 2. It does not meet the appearance of the hanging object, and has strong maintenance. 3. Lifting stability, high coefficient. 4. High tensile strength, beautiful color, easy to distinguish. 5. It is the insulator inside the lifting spreader. 6. Jili finished lifting belt has a long mission, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Post time: Sep-22-2022