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odm nylon hammock suppliers:What joint is used when the lifting belt is broken

The types of lifting belts commonly used in our life, flat lifting belts will be damaged in the process of use, then what is the cause of the damage of flat lifting belts?

1. Overload is often used in the process of use. 5 tons of work load but lifting more than 5 tons of goods, resulting in excessive fatigue of the lifting belt, thinning and elongating the situation, thus destroying the performance of the webbing, making the flat lifting belt scrapped in advance.

Broken flat lifting belt odm nylon hammock suppliers

2. Caused by chemical corrosion. When using flat lifting belts, it is necessary to avoid contact with chemicals. Once unavoidable contact is made, it is necessary to clean up with water in time to avoid long-term corrosion by chemicals. Polyester lifting belts also have certain corrosion resistance to chemicals, so timely cleaning will be harmless.odm nylon hammock suppliers

3. Sun exposure, wind and rain. For a long time is not suitable for flat lifting belt but still exposed to the sun in broad daylight exposure to the sun for a long time is bound to damage the part of the ribbon or make the stitch break open. If not in use, it should be stored in a dry and cool place to prevent the lifting belt from becoming brittle, especially the white lifting belt.


4. Physical damage, when tying the hoisting belt, dragging the hoisting belt, loading and unloading goods with sharp edges and corners will bring fatal injury to flat hoisting. We must pay attention to the safe use of hoisting belts when using, and use the protective cover of hoisting belts when touching sharp objects.odm nylon hammock suppliers

Shortly after the purchase of hoisting belt use, hoisting belt will be broken in the process of use, many users hold the psychological chance that hoisting belt broken can be used to make do with the joint method, in fact, Xiaobian to tell you, whether the hoisting belt is broken or cut can be said to be the whole hoisting belt completely scrapped, No matter what kind of square hair you want to use to connect the broken joint of the hoisting belt is useless, because the damage is not only the joint, in fact, virtually the whole ribbon has been damaged by tension.

After the lifting belt is damaged, a new lifting belt should be replaced immediately, and the damaged lifting belt should be scrapped. When replacing the hoisting belt, try to choose the manufacturer of the original hoisting belt and choose the same model of the original hoisting belt to avoid overload operation.

The lifting belt should be used in strict accordance with the operating specifications, and the increase of the protective sleeve should not allow the lifting belt to be damaged by friction, which not only saves the economic expenditure but also extends the service life of the lifting belt and improves the working efficiency.

Post time: Jan-29-2023