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Polyester Webbing Belt supplier how to hang trees without damaging the bark

Most people use Polyester Webbing Belt supplier hoisting big trees to avoid trouble, they usually adopt single point hoisting. As this method is easy to lift the trunks under uneven force, it is easy to damage the bark at the binding place of big trees, resulting in the death of trees, and there are great security risks.


The small editor suggests that when using synthetic fiber lifting belts to lift trees, to prevent bark damage, soft cushions or flat lifting belts should be added to the lifting parts of trunks for trees with DBH above 15cm to be lifted by cadres. For trees with DBH below 15cm, in order to avoid hidden damage within the bark, cadres should not be lifted as far as possible, but should be tied with the double-thread method. More soil at the root system should be lifted by lifting net. Polyester Webbing Belt supplier so that the stress points are evenly distributed when the trees are lifted so that the bark will not be damaged.

We need to pay attention to is that the length of the wood made using lifting with a number of issues, the general length of timber in about one meter hanging tree just use a lifting belt, if the length of a meter above, we recommend the use of two because spend long will affect the lifting of center of gravity be unsteady, easy to cause the result of the increased weight.

Post time: May-26-2022