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Safety Belt Webbing supplier What is a trailer belt

Trailer belt also known as tow belt, have a car friends will have one, in case of emergency. A car tow belt is a convenient way to solve the problem of a broken, damaged or sunken car or jeep. The special design of the galvanized hook makes it more applicable to a wide range of vehicles and easier to match. Safety Belt Webbing supplier The trailer belt is mainly composed of synthetic fiber webbing and galvanized hook, standard length of 4 meters. When the vehicle breaks down and needs to be towed forward, only the two hooks of the traction belt need to be fixed on the two cars. When the rescue vehicle runs in front of it, the flat ribbon of synthetic fiber extends to protect the vehicle from the damage of the instantaneous impact force.Safety Belt Webbing supplier


1. When the lifting belt is lifted by external force, please choose the hook with the matching tonnage to hang. When the lifting belt is suspended on the hook with the ring eye, please check whether the force point is in the center of the hook

2. Please check whether the hoisting belt is standard before use. The hoisting belt webbing part is woven by the loom once, and a small incision is fatal to the hoisting belt Safety Belt Webbing supplier

3. Please do not tie or twist the sling in order to make it easy to use. It should be operated strictly according to the standard of using the sling and select the correct link object for connection

4. The whole process of lifting with lifting belt is strictly required to be directed and operated by personnel with relevant qualifications.

5. It is strictly forbidden to overload the lifting belt. When the lifting belt does not work according to the prescribed load weight, the fiber structure of the lifting belt has been seriously damaged, and the life of the synthetic fiber sling is greatly reduced and may be broken at any time

After the raw material of the finished sling is determined, it is the process of weaving synthetic fiber flat webbing. The flat ribbon is made by the loom once weaving, weaving all the data is set in advance. Different weaving methods can directly affect the breaking force of the finished lifting belt. The seemingly simple ribbon pattern has its unique role. So in the production process weaving technology is also we can not ignore another big problem.

Post time: Sep-20-2022