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Whether synthetic fiber lifting belt is used to clean Webbing Slings

Use clean the problem about synthetic fiber lifting belt, lifting sling manufacturer gives such an opinion, first fibre products belongs to consumable sling, Webbing Slings and for flat lifting bring said appearance damage means condole belt has reached the requirement of scrap, and lifting belt cleaning will no doubt make the filaments on the ribbon is affected, although the appearance looks like the impact is not big, But for the use of lifting belt force is affected, and the extent of the impact is also the cleaning method and cleaning time, so the lifting belt as far as possible not to clean Webbing Slings

Before customizing the mixed round lifting belt, it is necessary to provide the hoisting belt manufacturer with the specifications, models and quantities of the lifting belt to be mixed, as well as the materials and sizes of the packaging to avoid the transportation losses caused by packaging errors


The difference between the polypropylene tensioner and the polyester tether is not obvious in appearance, Webbing Slings but the use force of the car binding belt is more obvious, because the appearance of the ribbon woven by polyester or polypropylene filament can not be discerned by the naked eye, and the appearance of the metal accessories matched by the two cannot be discerned except the use force

White hoisting belt can be used for steel tube bundling and hoisting using work, but in the use process need to pay attention to whether bundling operation or lifting operation, should pay attention to avoid contact with the fixed pipe steel bar, because the steel bar is fatal to the influence of synthetic fiber ribbon, when bearing stress in flat lifting belt if steel mill filaments, the polypropylene filament will be direct fracture, The result is to cause lifting belt fracture formed lifting accident, the use of lifting belt from the beginning of understanding to avoid the lack of information caused by the loss and accident

Post time: Sep-16-2022