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Polyester Woven Lashing strapping

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Woven Strapping Poly-Woven Strapping is a lightweight product, whilst remaining a heavy-duty strapping.

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13mm 16mm 19mm 25mm 2 Red Line or white Poly Woven Strapping

2 Red Line Poly Woven Strapping is a lightweight product, whilst remaining a heavy-duty strapping. It has no sharp edges, making it OH & S friendly, and requires low tool maintenance.

This Woven Strap is highly flexible, making it great for strapping down obscure shaped items such as machinery or engineered parts to pallets. It can be re-used and re-tensioned whilst still on the goods.
Packaging is offering excellent Polyester Woven Lashing Strap to customers. Keeping high standards of extensive products range, we focus on the quality of raw materials used in the initial stage. These straps are available in 25mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 50mm, customized sizes are supported.
Availability and delivery
The PPW1 Woven Strapping is in stock and available for immediate delivery.


1. Cord strapping does not stain and hasthe break strength comparable tosteel due to its shock-absorbingcapacity

2. Woven cord strapping is more flexiblethan composite cord strapping and isused with a special phosphated buckleto avoid slipping

3. Non-abrasive and non-marringmaterial with reusable and re-tensioning capabilities. Resistant toUv, moisture, and chemicals



What tensioner do I use with this strapping?
You will need to use a woven/cord tensioner, either our PXB3 or our USA made PC100.

What buckles do I use with this strapping?
We recommend the use of phosphate buckles; the rougher surface helps to hold the strapping better.

How many rolls of these are in a box?
There are 2 rolls per box.

Where is this strapping made?
Our woven strapping is Made in Germany.

What is the breaking strength of this woven strapping?
the 2 red line strapping has 1100kg

How many red lines will this product have?
It will have 2 red lines. (our picture may show 1 red line)



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