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Lifting belt production process is not a simple matter seatbelt webbing supplier

The production process of hoisting belt needs to be elaborate, originality and unique in order to produce high quality hoisting belt recognized by consumers. The production process of hoisting belt needs to pay attention to many small details. Only by controlling the details can we make a unique hoisting belt. The following Xiaobian summarizes the 10 details of the lifting belt in the production process for your reference.

Several details need to be paid attention to in the production process of hoisting belt manufacturers:seatbelt webbing supplier

The material of webbing should be made of industrial silk, and the breaking strength of a strand should not be less than 60C.seatbelt webbing supplier


(2) Whether it is traditional knitting or shuttleless knitting machine, the braided belt should be composite stacked, unified knitting, to ensure that the fracture of one wire will not affect the whole ribbon or make the ribbon spread. ③ The width of the braided belt should be 25mm~320mm, and the deviation should be ±10% when the nominal width is less than 100mm; When the nominal width is greater than 100mm, the deviation is ±8%. The thickness of the braided belt and the thickness of the hoisting belt: single-layer hoisting belt, the thickness of the bearing part of the hoisting belt is at least 2mm. The sewing thickness ### of the webbing used to provide the stressed part of the lifting belt is at least 1.2mm and the double layer is 2.4mm. ⑤ The material of hoisting belt stitching should be the same as the original material of the ribbon, and the sewing needle should not contact and affect the edge of the ribbon. The stitches should be stitched through the webbing that needs to be stitched together for 100mm length of 10~12 stitches. The stitches should be smooth and smooth. There is no excess coil on the surface of the webbing. ⑦ soft ring stitching length, ribbon width is not greater than 15mm for the width of 3 times, ribbon width is greater than 15mm for the width of 2.5 times, ⑧ label stitching will be a part of the label sewing into the ribbon, the part of the same as the exposed identification. When dyeing, adjust the dyeing temperature according to the tension, width, and feed speed of the ribbon to achieve a balanced value. ⑩ Testing personnel should have knowledge, practical experience and appropriate training.seatbelt webbing supplier

Whether it is the size of the ring eye of the hoisting belt or the size of the braid belt and even a small thread before and after dyeing all affect the change of the safety factor of the hoisting belt. The details determine the success or failure. Therefore, as the manufacturer of the hoisting belt, we must control any small details in the production link of the hoisting belt.

Post time: Jan-31-2023